Summer Trips

Take your summer holiday with us! Let us show you how relaxing a canoe based vacation can be. We take time for side hikes, photography, wildlife viewing and take great pride in our riverside cuisine.

So many trips, so little time...

As we are a small company, and offer custom vacations with very small groups, not all of our trips can be offered every year. We have a large selection of trips to choose from, from past favorites, to new, exploratory trips. Please examine our catalogue and when something piques your interest, call or write for more detailed information and itineraries. With our small groups, putting together a family or group vacation is easy. If you have a particular trip that you would like to do, just give us a call!

Upper Stikine River

If the rigours of 9-5 are getting to you - take two weeks out to restore your soul! The Upper Stikine offers spectacular scenery, an abundance of wildlife, and enough time to put day-to-day stresses out of your mind. It is in the sub-alpine lakes where we touch down, that the Great River, as the Stikine is referred to in the local native language, has its humble beginnings. The grasslands that surround Happy, Tuaton and Laslui Lakes are feeding grounds for Osborn caribou and provide a peaceful setting to brush up on canoeing skills before embarking downriver. For the first few days the Stikine is small but fast moving - then as the tributaries converge, the volume increases and one gets a feel for the 'Great River'.

Wind River - Yukon Territory

Our feature trip for 2005: a river runs north to the Arctic Ocean, through the remote interior of the magical Yukon. This is the land of Robert Service and of the midnight sun! The Wind is a free-running river in a land that is still wild. The nearest road is 250 kilometres away, and that's as the crow flies.
Our Northern Sun holiday begins in Whitehorse, capital city of the Yukon Territory. From there we travel by road to Mayo for the next leg of this journey. Our flight to McClusky Lake, (the put-in point), provides a sky-high view of this wilderness. Once on the river, as with all Northern Sun vacations, there is time for hiking, wildlife viewing, taking pictures or just soaking up the arctic ambience. The Wind River forms part of the Peel River drainage and we'll paddle about 100 kilometres down the Peel to our pick up point and the return flight to Mayo.