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About Northern Sun Tours

Northern Sun Tours is a small company owned and operated by Roger McColm and Gladys Atrill that, since 1986, has been offering world-class wilderness experiences, through outdoor education and guided trips. At Northern Sun Tours our goal is to provide safe, high-quality, environmentally friendly outdoor experiences - that are a lot of fun! We are located in the small Alpine style village of Smithers, midway between Prince George to the east and Prince Rupert to the west. Lakes, rivers, and mountains abound in this northern region of British Columbia and they are our classrooms. Whether you are looking for quiet, peaceful lakes, exciting whitewater, (or anything in between,) we have it.

Gladys Atrill

Gladys is a Master Instructor with the Recreational Canoeing Association of BC and has been paddling and instructing since 1981. She is a skilled communicator and educator as well as an accomplished technical & artistic paddler. Gladys is also one of the lead instructors in the Wilderness Guiding Skills program where she teaches: Wilderness First Aid, Backcountry Cooking, Guide/Client Relations, Hazard Assessment & Risk Management.

Roger McColm

Roger has a Bachelor's degree in Outdoor Recreation and has been working fulltime in the field since 1986. He is a Master Instructor with the Recreational Canoeing Association of BC and is an instructor in all the modalities: Lakewater, Movingwater, Canoe Tripping, Poling, and Ocean Canoeing. Roger is a certified ski guide with the Nordic Ski Guides Association of Canada and a telemark ski instructor. Wintertime also finds him teaching Winter Survival and Avalanche Awareness courses. Roger also co-teaches with Gladys in the Wilderness Guiding Skills program.